building brands 

It's all about brand strategy, brand placement and getting liquid to lips!  

The on-premise channel is a $104 billion business in the US*.  On-premise is critical because it drives trial and repeat purchase, and it drives consumers to the off-premise channel.  40% of consumers are more likely to buy a spirit to drink at home if they have tried it before at a bar or restaurant*.  Proper trial and brand placement on menus will ensure your brand catches the eye of the consumer.  52% of consumers have not chosen their drink brand before they reach the bar**. Placement on the back bar is important so consumers can see their brand choices.

In the off-premise channel, rotating categories and brands is the best way to keep things fresh and the retailer in business.  Proper displays in good floor locations with POS that has the proper messaging generates profits and keeps a brand going.  Proper placement on the shelf at the right price helps to generate brand exposure to consumers, and ensure profit for the retailer.

Marketing to the consumer to grab their attention drives them to purchase your brand.  High Spirits Marketing, LLC can help you make sure your brand gets in the game and stays in the game.




  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Marketing Process Improvement
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Media and POS Buy Negotiations
  • Budget Negotiations
  • Creative Development with Agencies
  • Event Planning

  • Budgeting / Forecasting
  • Sales / Profit Improvement
  • Cross Functional Problem Solving
  • Strong Customer Relationships
  • Promotion Activity That Drives Volume
  • Post Promotion Analysis
  • Influencing
  • Strategic Planning / Thinking
  • Vision and Process
  • Category Management Framework
  • Strong Business Analysis


*Source:  Technomic 2015